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What is Alterchain?

Alterchain was set up by Rowan Stone in early 2017 to provide hash power for a variety of different cryptocurrencies.

From ZenCash to Computing Hash

As well as running a crypto mining operation in the North East of Scotland, Rowan is also Director of Business Development for ZenCash, a cryptocurrency that enables public, private, and anonymous transactions, messaging, and publishing on a secure and reliable (TLS encrypted) blockchain.

Renewable Energy

Scotland is at the forefront of the renewables industry so it makes perfect sense for Alterchain to capitalise on this emerging market.
Alterchain currently operate in traditional warehousing using power from the national grid however the plan is to containerise the business in order to become the first crypto operation in the UK to be powered by 100% renewable energy. In doing so, Alterchain will demonstrate the benefits of responsible energy sourcing to the wider mining community.

ASIC miners

Cryptocurrencies mined



Mining farm design/construction

From a small-scale hobby rig to a full-size container complete with venting, lighting, and industrial power supply, I’ll help you design and create a complete cryptocurrency mining operation.

Hosting of mining equipment

Earn a passive income by having your mining equipment operating in my custom-built mining farm, where it will be monitored and maintained around the clock.

Supply of GPU rigs & ASICs

If you’re needing the hardware to get started, just ask. I can help you obtain GPUs, ASICs and other essential mining equipment.

Get in touch

If you’re intrigued, curious or confused by cryptocurrencies, mining and privacy coins such as ZenCash, get in touch. I’m always happy to chat, and if you’re serious about starting your own crypto mining project, I’ve got the skills, tools and experience to help.

Renewable energy cryptocurrency mining provides a sustainable means of securing blockchains and verifying transactions in an environmentally friendly manner. Renewable energy sources are the future of crypto mining. Not only is renewable power a cheaper source of energy, but it is better for the planet.

Proof of Work blockchains such as Bitcoin are secure because of the hashrate concentrated on the network. The more miners who join the network, the more decentralised it becomes, whilst ensuring the immutability of transactions. Alterchain is at the forefront of renewable energy cryptocurrency mining in Scotland. To discover more about setting up your own mining rig, including general advice, equipment recommendations, custom configuration and profit calculations, get in touch.